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THEN I'm flooded with all the positive memories, and time I felt in love with him, having fun together, and all that.... and I'm like how could I give that up? It makes me cry.

Just to point it out! Now either you were in love or you were not ever in love with him. Which is it? I suggest you start reading Fall in Love, Stay in Love by dr. harley.

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OK- so this is what I'm wrestling with: in marriage vows, it's a promise of what you're going to do. love you even when I don't want to, forsake all others, etc. so doesn't choosing to love him even if I'm not sure of my feelings fall under my vows? Or is it I will love you until I'm not sure I feel like I'm in love with you... I seriously am wondering. Don't vows account for circumstances in which the couple may run into: if I meet someone else I have feelings for I will "forsake all others". If things don't go the way I want them to in our relationship, I'll be here "for better or for worse".

Yes, you took vows before God to marry this main TIL DEATH DO US PART. I think you can fall in love with your H if you start applying MB principles. "In Love" is chemical reaction in the brain like a drug. There is no fairy tale, happy ending, living happily ever after. Marriage is work and you need to start working at it.

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