Proverbs 11: 5 (NLT)
The godly are directed by honesty; the wicked fall beneath their load of sin.

Verse 5 of Proverbs goes along with verse 3which precedes it; “Honesty guides good people; dishonesty destroys treacherous people.” Our direction, when unsure and doubtful is to say; this is the right way and I will follow it. For those who fail to follow the right way they fall beneath the load of sin they have piled upon themselves.

Have you ever caught someone in a lie and then find they try to reason their way out with more lies? The victim of the lie stays confused trying to sort out what is truth and what is fiction. Even if there is truth in the story it has been so marred by dishonesty even the truth becomes unbelievable. Those who persist with their lies find sin loads guilt upon them. The load becomes so heavy at times people fragment their lives with mixed truth and lies. Maybe at home there is one set of lies to cover a problem. Maybe at work another set of lives covers an inappropriate action. Maybe with friends lies are told to make life seem more exciting and bigger than it is. Eventually like most sin God does not allow us to linger there forever. God reveals the sin to others and suddenly the nice neat packages of lies that were built come crashing together into a confusing state of reality. Suddenly the person finds themselves looking at the multiple lives they have created for each situation. Can you imagine the stress of trying to keep the lies straight and then the stress of explaining the lies? No wonder there are people who feel as though they are living stressful lives because of their wicked ways. The right course is to be honest. The right course is to face head on the consequences that may come for telling the truth; but be rest assured those consequences will be less than those mixed with lies. Being honest can also put aside many problems. People tend to want to help those who honestly admit a fault. Their admission says I know I did wrong and I need help to correct my actions. May you always be honest in all that you do.