I completely understand. I was in sort of the same situation... The first part of a relationship is always the greatest and you 'poo-poo' a lot of the things in your head thinking it is just butterflies. All I can tell you is do NOT bring a child into this if you are unsure. Your child looks up to you for guidance in love, respect, understanding, etc. Children are smarter than you think and will pick up on your behaviors. Thikn about your parents...what kind of relationship do you have with them? What kind of relationship do THEY have? My parents are together but honestly I am not sure why...I think now it is out of habit. The same holds true of my husbands parents. I dont think it is too much to ask to be happy but I do think you may have some deeper issues to deal with. Maybe talk to someone --by yourself first. How are you feeling about the rest of your life? Your job? your financial status? Your self-esteem, etc. If those are all in check with no question then maybe it is time to look at the future of your marriage. If not and you have some things to deal with on the inside, I would work on those first.

When it comes at you from both sides the easiest and most common thing for us to do is run away- -I know I want to. Anymore though I am not sure which side is heavier--my marriage or my personal! \:\) Best of luck!!