I think the best way to avoid having to ask the above question is to come up with hypothetical situations, in advance, together, on how to best handle such situations should they occur. Then you don't have to second guess yourselves or deal with hurt feelings. I think your handling of the situation was fine...but I'm not married to you so my opinion means nothing.

If OW is in your hometown shopping this could happen again. What will you do? What should you do...say, if you are alone and OW see's you first and approaches you?

There was one couple on MB way back when that had an OM that kept trying to come up and talk to the FWW. He wanted to check up on her or apologize or whatever. She just walked away quick. I suggested, for a short time, she literally wear a whistle, such that, the next time OM approached she could blow it loud in his face. He'd surely then never dare approach her again. I know it might sound ridiculous and that may be an approach if and when you feel OW is stalking you and trying to corner you, but it would work as an extra-ordinary precaution you and your wife could POJA out as part of the hypothetical's I mentioned above.

I'm soooo fortunate OM lives 750 miles away as I never had to deal with this.

Mr. Wondering

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"agree to disagree" = Used when one wants to reject the objective reality of the situation and hopefully replace it with their own.