Lil and I drove past the OW house, which has been on the market for several months, she has not lived there in that time - if she had I would not have driven past it, it is on a main route so is a bit unavoidable, any way we saw that the house had sold and we were pleased that by the house being sold it would remove OW from our district, one less reason for her to come back here. It also stops that house being HER house, now it is someone elses house and that does not stop the memories but it does put some distance between the memories and the now.

Time will change this. My FOM and his W lived around the corner from us and 95% of the A took place at their house because his W traveled and they did not have children. Once they moved and the new people moved in the memories started to fade. It's been almost 5 1/2 years since the A ended and close to 3 years since they moved and honestly I can literally walk by the place and have no memories pop up whatsoever. Last summer when I was out for a walk, I actually stopped and chatted with the new people when they were in the front yard and nothing about the A came to my mind at all. I drive by the place daily and never think of FOM or the A. Stay on the right track for recovery and you will get there, too.