Nice one, Sparkaroo. I remember the song and the album well. Driving out of town after my sophomore year of college, knowing I wasn't going to see some friends who had graduated for a long time, if ever. So I cranked the cassette stereo (yes, cassette) in my little Honda, windows down, and sang as loud as I could to distract the tears.

Saw Van Hagar in concert in Portland. (Sammy has many great concert memories for me, including it being at a Hagar show in '83 when I fell in like with my H. But enough about me.)

Click here for video of "5150" by Van Halen. (1986) It's live footage and the only I could find.

Me (FWW): 45
BH: 46
M: 11/94
PA: 2/08 (4 mos)
Confessed: 10/08