That response was really encouraging. It made me think about things that I haven't, so I don't have the same repetitive thoughts all the time.

I need to think about my side of the marriage, not keep focusing on his. I need to be true to myself, and in so being true to the marriage.

I do feel so eaten up by resentment and bitterness sometimes, I can't stand it. But I want to move forward, because I've gotten a taste of what it's like to just sit and stew in the same thing over and over. Like the bible says 'a dog coming back and eating it's vomit'. I need to move on!!

I've felt some 'pressure' released on me since I've had the attitude of just being myself, and being PRESENT in my marriage. Doing my part in the marriage, and not trying to do 75% of it. Things have improved a bit. I've also spent more time with friends, and vented to them more. I need to build a support system for myself.

I am still going to counseling though.. I need to find a way to work through all the resentment and bitterness inside me. Not just from the marriage, I think it's a lot of things.