Thank god for blessing people with intellect such as the people on this thred (Cat, LA, IR)

And thank god for blessing you with the kindness and selflessness to spend your time on other people.

I feel that the advice you all have provided is coming to a close:

I will respond once more tonight to your posts after Bethany and I have gone through the post.

LoveAnyways, your concepts are somewhat advanced and I can tell is spoken from someone of great intellegence. I will do my absolute best to interpitate and positivley reflect your lessons. It is hard to figure some of the things out you are talking about.

I don't want to be a bad spouse...I love us so much. *tear*

I can't say it enough; how absolutley amazed I am at the will of you people (saints) to help strangers. Further showing how selfish of a person, I am...*sigh*...