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This world is really screwed up then(men)...Cause I don't have any guy friends (that I know of) NONE HEAR ME...that do not participate in MBing.

That includes friends with signifigant others.

The world IS screwed up because most people never get to experience what a great marriage can be. People are so hung up on getting what THEY want that they don't realise that they are treading all over someone else and ruining any chance of their marriage being the source of incredible happiness that its possible to be.

I watched my Dad refuse to "be controlled" by my Mum, I saw his huge porn collections and the way he stayed out drinking all the time whether she liked it or not and how he considered his friends to be "[censored] whipped" if they even called home to let their wives know they were going to be late.
He very quickly destroyed any love my Mum had for him, and they lived in a miserable sexless marriage, both of them unloved and bitter until she left.

Me: 32
H: 35
Married 9 years, together 12.
Two little girls, 7 and 3.