thanks eric292-

i find myself making a point to shed my resentment. i remind myself that i have no right to be resentful, and stop trying to find reasons to be resentful.

our lives have improved too. we are making more friends, and foud a awesome church...sometimes it's the little things that need to be fixed before the big things.

i read somewhere that the biggest things that tear apart a marriage are 1) lack of commitment, 2) unrealistic expectations.

i've worked on the commitment part, but my expectations tear mess with me sometimes. as far as the title of my thread 'never really in love'.. i've really had to examine what that means. i think what i felt when we married was, i wasn't really in lust, like i had been with other guys in my past. as it turns out.. real love is much more than lust.. and that's a good thing.

yea- i'm still working on the expectations though... what is it that i need? how can my husband fill my love bank, and not deplete it? like i said little tings have helped: hanging out with my girlfriends, getting more hobbies, giving him a break smile

i think i had a lot of doubts in the marriage institution before i got married, which didn't help us, but i've worked through a lot of those too.