I hope no one thought I could resist this topic, this thread, for long.

I must have weak character. I’m posting.

What is character?

There is an old saying; character is what you do when you think no one is looking.

So, what is it when you do and don’t care who is looking? Or who you hurt? Who will eventually find out? What is it when you lie, cheat and steal and you know everyone is watching you do it? And not lie, cheat and steal from just anyone, but from a person, even your own children, you promised in public to protect?

Is it weak character? A hole in character? Morphed character? A lack of character?

Or is it, instead of a missing part of character, a something tangible and warped embedded in character?

The above, IMO, are all the same people. There is no difference except in degree.

To be able to intentionally suppress an otherwise outstanding code of ethics and morals is not intrinsically possible. Such ability means, it is evidence for, a problem with a persons ethics and morals and character to start with. It can be traced to one’s very wiring, as Dr H says.

It simply means they have been tested and found wanting.

And if you could go back in time and proctor their previous tests, tests when they thought no one was looking, they will have failed a lot in all kinds of smaller things.

IMO, it is well established the vast majority, 99.44%, of adulterers were the ones giving the least to the marriage all along. The upstanding, saintly, totally ethical and moral, give until it hurts spouse suddenly tripping and falling is a myth. And on the rare occasion such a one shows up here it is very easy to recognize them.

MB sort of reminds me of democracy. You know, the worst system except for all the others. But my main heartburn with it is its totally unwarranted assumption that adulterers are not who they really are. An assumption that claims they will not do it again when no one is watching, first because now the BS knows to watch them like a hawk all the time and for the rest of their lives; and second because the adulterer is now always satiated with ENs - exactly like a drug addict so stoned he can’t move. Ok, yeah. They won’t be able do it again if they can’t even move on their own. Sheesh.

I need to stop for a bit. Back later. (LOL, whether you want me back or not.)

"Never forget that your pain means nothing to a WS." ~Mulan

"An ethical man knows it is wrong to cheat on his wife. A moral man will not actually do it." ~ Ducky

WS: They are who they are.

When an eel lunges out
And it bites off your snout
Thats a moray ~DS