Once you've done it, it seems like it's all too easy to repeat

Not for a couple who follows Dr. H's methods - they are worth their cyber-weight in gold!

the wise BS has to watch even a FWS like a hawk for the rest of their marriage

I guess I'm not very wise. wink I know I can check on anything, any time. and very seldom feel any need to. While he was trying to hide stuff, I felt the need to check constantly. After almost 4 years of him being totally honest and open, sharing anything I ask for and lots that I don't, it's a nonissue.

If I ever felt unsafe for any reason, I already got an A+ in snooping. And he is fine with that - more than fine - he is glad to have a chance to show me he is trustworthy.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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