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I don't disagree with anything you say except that 'good character'. But in my eyes, strong moral character = does not cheat. I agree all the FWS on here have taken tremendous steps, but I would argue that they will all agree that they have put EPs in place to protect an A from happening again. If we as humans all had strong character, we would not need these EPs. Maybe I should have said, very few people have strong character, and I will be the first to admit that we all make mistakes. But I think it is more helpful to us to realize that we do have 'weak character' as human beings and fall victim to temptation.

Then what would be the universal guidelines of what qualifies as "good character" and at what age is it decided that one's character is what it is? Do young college students drinking and acting like idiots, all have weak character? I never did that myself but does that define who they are? If some one shop lifts food three times have they always been and always will be weak in character. Does if matter that they were desperate and hungry and wouldn't have normally done something like that? It's still wrong but given the right circumstances it happened.

Or are those who don't have a remorseful spouse jaded more than others because their spouse is still wayward (even if in thinking) and show no signs of remorse or regret for the pain they have caused? I think that might be a big part of it. Some cheaters are just going to be messed up people for life. But that goes for non-cheaters too though.

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Many a good man has failed because he had a wishbone where his backbone should have been.

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