Maybe there is no unconditional love for a spouse but I believe there is for a child or a parent.

I tend to disagree. Certainly the conditions are different, but I think they still exist.

And I think you are overthinking the WS mindset. It seems more like to me that WSs tend to 'Feel' good as ENs are being met and the selfishness of 'Feeling Good' takes over. If one WS here actually went through the thought process that you describe, I hope they speak up. I view it more as thinking with their 'feelings' and not their brain. Notice how stupid WSs are...

Perhaps. But I am not trying to imply WS's go through some formal rigorous process. It is my opinion that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interrelated. I think feelings and thoughts are the flip side of the same coin. Ask a person why they felt some way and they usually tell you what they were thinking. Ask them why they think one way and they usually tell you what they were feeling. So while a WS may be being "led" by their feelings, their feelings are being influenced by their thoughts.

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