Comfortably Numb -

As the originator of this thread, which you have repeatedly demanded to know the purpose of, may I kindly suggest you read the very first post on it?

Do you really think that a suffering woman, wanting to know how to get thoughts of the OW out of her head, would be benefitted by this type of dicussion continuing on her thread?

If so, please explain why.

Your tone has come across as very rude to someone who was simply trying to protect a hurting BS from having this continue to erupt on her thread. As well as someone who was also determined to speak up on behalf of all the terrific FWS's who are being maligned and written off.

MB has always been a place of hope to me. It's hard to see so much doom and gloom being touted as fact.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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