Hi everybody,

I am worried! And so is Lil!

For the last couple of weeks her bust has increased in size and that by itself is very pleasing to my eye, I enjoy an ample bosom.
So that is not the worry.
Although it is normal for ladies to carry a little extra plumpness in the boobs at certain times, this weight increase is out of the ordinary. The normal increase happens in the last 5 to 7 days before the visitation of Aunty Flo. The incease this time happened in the first week or so after Aunty Flo went away.
We, well Lil is now starting to be what might be considered slightly behind schedule for another visit from that particular aunty, like a defective typewriter she missed a period (well it is a little later than expected). It is starting to look terrifiyingly like she/we might have a bun in the oven, be up the duff, be knocked up, be in a family way, may have killed a rabbit or for the dim witted among us PREGNANT.
This is not somthing we had expected (to be expecting), after all Lil had a wee operation to ensure that we would not have this "joy" in our lives again, a tubal ligation. Yes we know they can fail or regrow and become functional again, but the odds are pretty darn slim. If this had been happening 10 or 12 years ago I would most probably have jumped for joy and been pleased for the failure of the tube snipping, but that was then and this is now. Our baby is 12 now! And we have made quite extensive plans for our future and those plans do not include a Flick Junior or a Lil Junior.
We are not sure of the state of the "oven" or whether "the rabbit has died" we could be freaking out about nothing, we will find out in the next few days, if Flow doesn't show up tomorrow then a trip to the doctor on wednesday will give us the answer.
I have never liked the idea of being close to retirement when my last child leaves home but if this situation goes "full blown" then that is exactly what will be happening.
But then maybe it will be a boy, a son at last! and maybe it will be fun and we will get used to having a little one in the house again but I think I would rather not, and Lil is in agreement.
So if you feel like praying could I please ask that you pray for neither a boy or a girl but instead pray for the only babies in our lives to be grandchildren, and they are turning up too soon for my liking too but I will get over that one soon enough.

Well that's about all I've got to say about that.

Recovery is going so wonderfully well that I just can't really explain how great it is to be so madly and deeply in love with my wife again. So if you are in the early stages of recovery and you are wondering if it is really worth it my answer to you is yes it is worth it.