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We are not sure of the state of the "oven" or whether "the rabbit has died" we could be freaking out about nothing, we will find out in the next few days, if Flow doesn't show up tomorrow then a trip to the doctor on wednesday will give us the answer.
Well, holy guacamole! That's really all I can say. This news comes from left field. Your emotions are probably all over the place, Flick. (How much more can you two have added to your plates?!)

You're added to my prayers. Please let us know when you know.

(Never heard "up the duff" before. Making note...)

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Recovery is going so wonderfully well that I just can't really explain how great it is to be so madly and deeply in love with my wife again. So if you are in the early stages of recovery and you are wondering if it is really worth it my answer to you is yes it is worth it.
This warms my heart. So happy for you two.

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