IMO it's his problem, not yours.

Harley says do not be the cause of your spouse's unhappiness. The comforter was making you unhappy. You were Emotionally Honest with your BF.
Um - if he doesn't care about your feelings - that's valuable information for you.

Harley also says it's easier for a spouse to meet the other's needs than for the spouse with the need to stop wanting it.

I think the same applies to feelings - it's easier for your BF to accommodate your feelings than for you to wish the feeling away.

Apologising for and hating your own feelings is a slippery slope and can lead you to a a relationship where you feel oppressed, always on the back foot, the 'junior partner'. At least that was my experience.

I suggest you ask yourself why you find yourself questioning your own feelings, and carefully consider if the man you are with is right for you.

Edited to add - your BF is guitly of a nasty DJ - 'your feelings are wrong'.

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