I think you both have some growing up to do. He needs to understand what it means to commit yourself to someone. He is not in love with you, or these things wouldn't be happening. He does seem to want to be. It seems like he tried pretty hard to fix things once he found out what was wrong. It seems like he just isn't in tune with a female point of view, but once you show him he takes steps to fix it.

Now, I think you have a lot more work ahead of you than he does. First, I hope you realize that jealousy and possessiveness is nothing more than your low self-esteem turning into desperation. Nothing is going to improve until YOU go to counseling of some sort to learn to like yourself.

And because of it, you are choosing the same guy over and over again - the one who yanks your chain - on purpose or unwittingly - to keep you in limbo. Which ruins your relationship (like is happening now).

None of this will repair itself. YOU have to fix your own insecurity issues. Getting physically ill because a blanket of a former girlfriend is sitting on your stuff? Really?

I'm sorry, but that IS over the top. It is all in your head, and you keep instigating such issues. Too many more and he's just going to give up on you.

Which is why you need to go to counseling to learn to like yourself.

Jealousy, suspicion, and anger are a natural response to infidelity
In your case, they are a symptom of your low self-worth, nothing more.