I don't believe that he never cared for her, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care for you. Why would you ask him that? You are setting yourself up for hurt, stop questioning him about the relationship. He definitely should not be talking to her and sharing intimate details!! I would be very angry about that myself. At the same time try not to make him feel guilty about dating during your break up, it is not as if he cheated on you with her. I am sure you dated during your many years apart, is he questioning you about your previous relationship? Try to concentrate on building your relationship. The slip ups on name can be an honest mistake, if he came straight out of that relationship to this one. Just make sure that he isn't trying to just find a replacement. It sounds like you haven't known each other in years and after 3 short months have rushed into an engagement. I hope you are not making him feel as if he has to prove his love for you. It is good you are having a long engagement so you can work on all of this.

Are you very controlling? Sounds like that is just as big of an issue as the jealousy. IE - you were determined he would do as you wished (moving blanket) to the point of making yourself ill. That is very serious issue, if you don't work on controlling behavior he could end up resenting you.