It's really difficult as both of us are 24, and we're still studying. I have sufficient
savings to have a small ceremony (to have a proper solemnization in God's eyes) and to
ROM (go to the Registry of Marriage) as well.

However, he says he's not ready - and that he will be in 2 years.
That we will get married in two years. To trust him and all -
He has his reasons, one of them is financial - and he has plans of a big
wedding/proposal/ring etc.

I want to be able to live with him as distance is putting a strain on our relationship.
We're not sexually intimate - he has pulled away thus far - cutting down on affection a
lot because he doesn't want to lead both of astray - because it feels guilty to go beyond
french kissing and all
now he's cut down affection to a lot less. hand holding, pecks on cheek, short hugs. and
i want to have all of that. one of my top love languages is physical touch followed by
time & attention, then words...but they're all linked frown

as you said, i've quoted for him too - i don't want to burn with passion anymore that it
is better to get married - and i told him proverbs 13:12 also - about hope being deferred
and that my spirit's getting crushed.
i spoke to my mum abt it - my mum asks me to wait for him to be ready, to respect him.
his mum n i are also close, his mum said no point rushing him - because he will - do it
out of obligation (and even he said so himself)
and so is there nothing else i can do but wait? i've been crying on and off and it's been
a rollercoaster.

I really don't know what to do. I believe I have been at some fault as well. Separate for
awhile? I don't know if it'll work - and I think it'll be harder on me than it is for him
- but I might be wrong. I am definitely the dependent/needy one in the relationship. he
says he wants to marry me most definitely, but not at this point in time...2 years is all
he asks for. frown
thanks for praying