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The first time around, I broke up with him. I was still healing from my divorce and not really healthy enough for a new relationship at that time. We parted on friendly terms, but it was clear I broke his heart back then.

I think part of his motivation, conscious or not, is anger that I left him back then and fear that I may do the same now. Also my career is more lucrative than his, my income is almost double what he makes. That can be an uncomfortable position for a man, and he will occasionally ask why I am even interested in him.

Plus we are both middle aged now, no longer the lithe attractive people we once were laugh. That's enough to make anyone insecure as heck.
What does that have to do with him keeping you 'off balance?' Are you saying he is trying to hurt you in any way? What does 'off balance' mean to you? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.