I think I understand your situation much better now. You both have been close since high school and approached the relationship with honor and respect. You know your own love languages which is AWESOME and will help. From what you have said, I am assuming that he knows your love languages is touch and quality time. If this is true, he is thinking with his head and heart. As the time gets closer to end of college, there are much more demands of your time to focus without distractions. Please I don't mean to sound like that is a bad thing, but it does make it hard to finish. So there are a few ways to approach the situation.

You approach marriage the way he is asking. This will be hard for you and, yes, to him as well. But he will appreciate (or should at least) your sacrifice. I don't mean leave him alone completely, but just be content with the time you do have together. Then when you do get married (which I don't really think a huge wedding is important, but at least get a photographer - you can't get photos later) you will not have the stress of college burdening your time together. Also I suggest at least 3 years of marriage before children for time being married to strengthen your relationship (it is much different than dating).

You can get married now. This will cause him a huge amount of stress as a man. He will not be able to be the provider as God has commanded. You MAY have your love languages filled if he gives you the time you will want (and probably demand), and this will cause him more stress and loss of sleep to focus on his degree. If he doesn't give you the time you want as a wife, then you will feel even more lonely/frustrated than you do now.

The third approach is where you were physically closer (romantic affection). This can be very difficult (and yes, PAINFUL) for men. I would not be surprised at all if this is why he asked to refrain to minimal affection. It is not that he doesn't love you or want to be close to you. But if it was causing him pain (have you heard of blue balls? Some have not) or impure thoughts than it was good that he asked this of you.

I am not going to suggest a plan for you or him; just want to bring the logic that he may (I do not know him, this is just what I would be) be thinking.

I have seen all three approaches, and the married one (although right for some people) is very tough to go through. The stress of not knowing how to balance school, work (maybe), and marriage can get crazy.

If you know his love languages, what are they? Does what I say kind of fit his personality or am I way off? Is he very responsible with money and school? Does he ever make promises and then not fulfill them? Also do you talk about having children with him after being married 1 year. Is this something you want or you both want? That can be stressful to a man as well. When he isn't even standing on his own two feet yet, having to think about providing for alot more feet can be overwhelming. Even if you are both planning to work, it is our nature (as men) to be providers.

I will be praying that you get the guidance you need. But so far, time seems to be what may be needed. Personally I think Catperson is right, and marriage should wait for college to end - it will be less stressful in the long run.