Another reply I got:

I don't really know the reason for the very very long engagement you are in apart from the financial reasons. Mine was six months but I knew her before that. Some universities have married couples quarters where you can actually live cheaper than you are now. Two can live as cheap as one as they say.

We have a couple in our church who married young. She is in Cambridge University while he works in a bookshop in Cambridge. When she has done her degree he will see if he needs to study although he is being promoted as manager of the bookshop and helps the other branches get sorted. So a little job turned out quite lucrative. They rent a tiny house but they are very happy for now.

Although it is a trial I cannot see that it is unscriptural the way you are now. You are waiting until you are married if you know what I mean. I don't think it is a good idea to seperate as you are engaged to be married.

The problem is what is in his mind? Who knows what that is? In only a year you will need to be planning the wedding as it is hard to book churches. I know that from experience as my son got married last August at 22 yrs.

Is he afraid of the responsibility of looking after you with not enough money? Just a thought.