Thank you for your considered reply DrKynes,

"If you know his love languages, what are they? Does what I say kind of fit his personality or am I way off? Is he very responsible with money and school? Does he ever make promises and then not fulfill them? Also do you talk about having children with him after being married 1 year. Is this something you want or you both want? That can be stressful to a man as well. When he isn't even standing on his own two feet yet, having to think about providing for alot more feet can be overwhelming. Even if you are both planning to work, it is our nature (as men) to be providers."

I've asked him that before - he didn't answer me and didn't want to do the Gary Chapman quiz.

We're both on the same page about children.
We will establish and save up enough first. Yes I understand that the men be the providers - but it can be a joint thing?

Thank you very much for praying as well.
I really do pray that I will know what to do.

My mum has also said that finances should not be an issue and that it does not have to be stereotyped into career first before having a family...