LovingAnyway, you misunderstood - my marriage and divorce was long over before I met my current bf so he had nothing to do with that.

My memories of him did affect my subsequent dating relationships however. The time I spent with him years ago raised the bar on my expectations of love. He is truly the most honest, affectionate, and caring man I've ever been involved with.

I could check his phone and email at any time, he has left those options wide open for me. He also encourages me to talk with his family and friends, who are all deeply relieved that he has finally escaped the clutches of his dysfunctional exgf and reunited with me. His sister has told me how difficult it was for her, watching her brother get more and more depressed while she felt powerless to help him.

catperson is correct when she says this is all about my insecurities. There really is no rational reason for me to be so emotionally upset.