I think this step mom also demonstrates something that has somehow become a dirty word in our society - commitment. I have always been a embarassingly emotion-based person, so I get the whole butterflies in the stomach, fireworks thing. But to say 11 years later, "Wanted butterflies, never had 'em, tired of it, b'bye!"

Statistics show that the rate of divorce among arranged marriages is much lower than among those of us who used the "fuzzy in your tummy" method. Now understand that I am atrracted to my husband. But there have been times I didn't feel that. At our lowest point, I would have sworn up and down that I never felt that. When I was raging in my yet undiagnosed bi=polarness, I am sure that isn't wasn't wild passion that kepy my husband around. It was commitment. I don't know where that fits into MB, but at some point we just have to make a decision, don't we? Like til death do us part?