There seems to be a debate going on that is pretty much confined to a single subject. The problem is that it is taking place on threads all over the forums on threads of others without regard to the actual topic of those threads initially.

So let's move the debate here, on this thread, keep it on this thread and leave the threads of others a place for them to get advice regarding their problems.

I have no idea when I will be able o join in this fray so might be missing from the action for as much as a day at a time. Some days I have nothing but time on my hands and some days I run from the time I arrive at work until 2 hours after I was supposed to leave for home, so posting might be sporadic. Just don't think that my not expressing an opinion or rebuttal means that I have no opinion or rebuttal.

For others who might join in the fray and without trying to come across as the posting police, please keep this debate respectful, peaceful and as much to the point as possible. We don't have to love each other here, but AOs and DJs will still solicit responses from folks we don't know the same as they bring forth in our spouses, that is, an appearance of the Taker, who will be quick to attempt a balancing of the books and respond with AOs, DJs and SDs of his/her own.

So keep it sweet, Pete...

So I guess the next question is do you want to lay out your premise first or would you prefer I try to rebut what you are going to say before you present your argument?