Thanks , Mark. I am sorry that my remarks, while initally pointed at the subject of the post, take on a life of their own.
My thoughts on this gender differnce thing , to be honest, has some of its genesis my frustration over the often repeated sterotyping of men which I feel is inaccurate.
Here are some of the things i see that i do not agree with.
First, that women are less sexually driven than men, and, as a consequence , their affairs are more emotioanlly based.
I think one poster that disagreed with me pointed out that my information on this was anecdotal or strictly personal, and that , therefore ,it was less reliable thatn someone like Dr harely.
But, psychology, which I beleive is his field, is not an empirical science. Isn't the source of his information on this anecdotal, as well, in the sense that he relies on the self reporting of his clients?
I am just not seeing all this desire for emotional connection pre sex out there among women. I think many of the guys who have been cheted on here have observed that in many regards, including emotional development, the OM have less to offer than the BH does.
I read stories about women taking up with lecherous old farmhands on one sight. Or storeis here where, after reconciling, the WW admits that her husband was a better guy, more emotionally available than the OM turned out to be.
So, if that is the case, why did she have sex with the guy?
Why is it that in the last three years , about 75% of the women I have dated want to have sex within a month? It sure is not because of my looks and it sure is not because we have become emotionally connected in that short time.