Hi everyone. I stumbled across a site today that I wish I had found 15 years ago.

If you (or your spouse) are never really attracted to anyone sexually, check out: **edit**

For those who didn't read my story before it got deleted, I'm one of those unique individuals who never experienced attraction to my husband, even while dating. I've rarely experienced attraction to anyone but it has happened on occasion. The longest stretch between occurrences is 7 years (yes, I track such things in my journals, lol!).

You don't know HOW many times I've been told by well meaning counselors, clergy, parents, etc that it's impossible to not experience sexual attraction on a normal basis. I must be lying, having an affair, or be mentally unstable.

While the site appears to be a homegrown effort, it is certainly nice to find a group of people who feel the same way about sex. There�s even a section for �normal� folks married to asexuals.

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