Zelmo, are you an accountant by any chance? Or in a profession where things are what they are and numbers add up all the time? I'm in a scientific field myself and also prefer calculations and formulas to the "mights" and "usually's" you read around here. But unfortunately, though all affairs follow the same pattern, the details are different for each individual.

You don't need a study to understand that there are fundamental gender differences regarding sex and emotion. Just look at the media. Surely you recognize a "chick-flick" when you see one - even the commercial for one. Not only is their primary audience geared for women, men have been known to try to impress women on dates by taking them to these movies. Why? Because they appeal to women's emotional side. It doesn't mean all women like them - just enough of them that film production companies continue to spend money making them because of their guaranteed revenue. Same thing for action movies and men. The women in action movies are always scantilly-clad, frequently not too bright and rarely have many lines. Oh sure you get the odd movie where the woman has an equivalent role but by and large the man is the hero and the woman is just eye candy. Film producers know this too and capitalize on it all the time.

When it comes to adultery, these gender differences come into play for both the wayward and the betrayed. The wayward is attracted to the OP for a variety of reasons, some which include their gender-based ENs. The betrayed is affected more strongly by different factors based on their gender as well. This is generally speaking, of course, but it's a place to start when you are newly betrayed and need to figure out where to go and what to do first. The MB plans are based on Dr. Harley's experiences with so many couples. It's not surprising that there are noted gender differences.