Mark, I am not sure it is all that difficult. It is just contray to my life expierience. So, I question it.
Mark, I think I understand what you are saying, although i will need to re-read.
However, even accepting all you have said about attraction and whatdrives it, I still am not convinced there is a significant difference between the genders.
You say women seldom just want sex but men more frequently do. But I have not observed this in my life. Most of my guy friends would not just have sex without some emotional attachment first. And, I know quite a few women that do not seem to require a lot of emotional attachment.
I realize the argument about sampling size. But, what about the point i made that in the studies you cited, some of which were fairly old, that the repondents may have been influenced by their perception that there is a stigma attached to admitting to desiring sex with little emotion.
Surely, in your life, you have come across women like this who are not hookers or pros. I have encountered a lot of them.
As regards the point on the chick flick movies another poster made, I think one must also take into consideration the other types of movies and TV shows geared toward women. Look ath "American Cougars" , "sex in the City" or "Desperate Houseives", for example. All shows with a predominantly female audience that glorify casual, random sex with "hunks".
And look at Cosmo and the subject matter of their articles. Not much, if anything, aboout communication or emotional intimacy, but plenty on sexual technique.
Or, look at the cover of a Hrlequin Romance. See any pictures of the professorial type, or a pudgy guy holding a book of poetry? It's a bare chested hunk with sinewy arms, in some sexy pose.
If emotional connection is that important, why are these attributes and activities so promoted. Just doe not make sense to me.
I hesitate to add this part as an argument, but, what the heck.
From a purely adaptive standpoint, if women are less sexual, why is it that they can last longer, have multiple orgasms, and do not require the type of recuperative time that men do after sex?

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