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And look at Cosmo and the subject matter of their articles. Not much, if anything, aboout communication or emotional intimacy, but plenty on sexual technique.

ACTUALLY, Cosmo has lots of articles on communication, emotional intimacy, and the such......I would venture to say, they have more of those articles than the sex one's in one issue....(to prove my point, I am looking at the June 09 issue....6 articles covering aspects of relationships other than sex....only 1 on the act of sex itself....)
Or, look at the cover of a Hrlequin Romance. See any pictures of the professorial type, or a pudgy guy holding a book of poetry? It's a bare chested hunk with sinewy arms, in some sexy pose.

But has it occured to you why romance novels outsell Playgirl by a ton??...I do not know of any woman who has ever read a book based on the "hunk" on the cover. Actually those books are filled with sex, but the MAJORITY of the story is in the DEVELOPMENT of the relationship PRIOR to the sex act itself....

From a purely adaptive standpoint, if women are less sexual, why is it that they can last longer, have multiple orgasms, and do not require the type of recuperative time that men do after sex?

rotflmao .....you are asking Mark (a male) to answer for women??!?

Z, women are NOT non-sexual. We are very much sexual beings. I haven't seen a woman on here say we weren't..... crazy

uhmmmm....and if you haven't LEARNED why we can last longer, have multiple O's, and do not require longer recuperative time, then I suggest you go back to biology class....... grin


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