I think you guys are missing what i am saying.I do not contend that sexual attraction is the only thing that drives us. But, I think that our culture has stigmatized women who admit to liking sex without that much emotional involvement, that they are unlikey to admit it. Yet, their behaviors belie this.
In college, all types of women were having ONS. How much emotional involvement could there have been.
I'm not saying this is bad or shameful. But, the behaviors I observed and continue to observe are contrary to the assertion that women need emotional connection more than men to have sex.
It just seems to me that there is some type of weird elevation of cheating for women, as if it is somehow nobler, because they allege that they were motivated by factors other than wanting sex.
I know we agree that any cheating is wrong. But, quaere, wouldn't a guy that came on here alleging that he went out and had sex with someone because his wife was not all that adept at sex get raked over the coals in terms of his superficiality as compared to a woman alleging that her emotional needs were neglected for years thus driving her to seek romance/sex from some affair partner.
I mean , think about it. If some guy whose #1 En is SF tries to justify his affair by saying his wife was somehow deficient and did not meet his expectations in terms of performance, he would get so much more flack than a woman who described her husband as cold, neglectful, uncommunicative, IMO.
As for the biology, that adaptation argument does not hinge on understanding the exact mechanism.
Anyway, this has been a good education for me. I know I go against the flow, sometimes, although this, like most of my inquires, is not intended to discount Harley's recovery methods.
For some reason, everytime I raise a question on a point, SugarCane feels I am challenging Harley's approach. I may take issue with some of his observations on gender differences . But, his plans ,seem okay.