Yeah, many guys regret it , as well. I just do not think you are privy to their thoughts, just like you do not feel I am privy to women's.

Why on earth would the fact that women's cheating is on the rise make anyone react more strongly to an individual woman's cheating? I just don't see the logic in that.

And, you are right, on this board, there is no tolerance for cheating regardless of the motivation and that is good. But, there are a number of other sites where folks feel emotional neglect, or some form of alleged withdrawal by the man mitigates things.
Quaere(gotta check the spelling) is a word that many of my law school profs used. It means "ask yourself".

But, not2, what do youthink of this scenario. A woman describes years of withdrawal and lack of emotional intimacy in justifying her affair and comes on here looking for advice after cheating.
Another poster, a guy, says that his wife gained weight after having kids. For years he has nagged her to lose some weight around the hips. She does not, much as the withdrawn husband ignores his wife's plea to communicate.He tries to promote this as justification
I'd bet the guy gets harsher treatment, despite Harley categorizing both as having ENs that are neglected. The guy looks like much more of a disgusting jerk(which he is) than the woman does(which she is also).
As for the true meaning of sex, I agree. But, you have to admit, many folks seem to view it as nothingmore than a pleasurable bodily function, like eating or taking a good dump. Just watch TV.

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