With all the references to Cosmo and harlequin romances, I thought I'd mention something I saw in Men's Health a few days ago (in the auto shop where I was getting my oil changed!). Sorry, I didn't note which issue it was. Anyway, it was about giving her better SF or something like that. I read it because I thought I might get a laugh out of what men would be advised to do to be better lovers, but some of the points were actually pretty interesting.

The one that stood out for me was that her reaching O is more important to him than it is to her - as if it's some sort of prize. She is NOT going to O every single time, but she can still have a great experience even if she doesn't. But most men worry about this and focus too much on this, hence neglecting what will really make it great for her. From my own experience, I'd have to say I agree with this. Why do you think women bother to fake it? Before you panic, it could be anything from her not wanting to let you down, or she's already satisfied (emotionally), or maybe she does just want to get it over with.