I suppose it's one thing if you "lose" a libido...or if I was talking about something that was once there, but now is gone.

But what if you never really had one to begin with? I mean, my ex and I didn't even kiss while dating. He tried to do things and I didn't enjoy it and wasn't interested in figuring out why I didn't enjoy it.

It's like beer. Or smoking. Tried each, didn't like it, and saw no reason to develop the "acquired taste" that everyone said it would be.

I will bring this up with my new counselor: though I can't think of any negative events contributing to this, I will certainly ask her opinion. If I cant find some trigger that, once removed makes me normal, then I shall work with the counselor to come up with some sort of way to overcome it so that I can participate in a mutually fulfilling relationship with a partner.

"If you will stop feeding your feelings, then they will stop controlling you" -Joyce Meyer