i am a us marine curently deployed to afghanistan. ive been married for 2 years to the love of my life and have a beautyfull daughter that was born just shortly before i left. i was dating my wife for more than 4 years before we got married. during the times that we had problems both from my side and some from her. before we got married i cheated on her but denied the whole thing. well while i was in san diego me and the other girl keept in touch via text i dont know why i did it i guess i just wansnt thinking. my wife caught me but again i denied everything because i was scared and dumb. while she was pregnant i saw that i love her so much and that i am such a jerk for not telling her the truth so i told her everything. i want to be a good father to my daughter and i want to be a good husband. well not to long ago my wife told me that she had been thinking and that she doesnt want to be with me anymore. i dont know what to do i love my wife i love my family i dont want to lose it. she told me about that stuff that i lied and that she doesnt know if she trusts me anymore and that she desnt feel the buterflies in her stomach like she used to when shes around me that the spark is gone. she told me that my temper is bad and that she doesnt want to deal with it anymoere. i told her i will take anger management and that i will do anything posible to make her fall head over heals in love with me all over again but she doesnt want to talk to me she told me to just call her to ask about the baby and thats it. i need any advice please i am desperate ive been with her my whole life she is everything to me. she also told me that maybe our marrige was just a mistake. but weve been through so many problems in our past its hard to belive that.

Ive made my mistakes. but being with my wife, the mother of my child, my highschool sweetheart is not one of them. I will not give up