Exactly how bad is your temper? If you have gotten at all physical: hit her, shoved her, kicked her, thrown something at her - then it's over and you should move on. Take the anger management course anyway so you can be more successful in your next relationship.

On the other hand, if your temper was restricted to yelling and abusive language (be honest!), then maybe you've got a shot. You should read His Needs, Her Needs. Take anger management. Learn how to eliminate love busters (including abusive language, raising your voice.) Also learn about Plan A, trying to meet as many emotional needs as she'll let you and as is practical, given the physical distance. Expect it to be slow. At first, you might have to just settle for being as kind to her as possible when calling about the baby. The distance will make it tough so, assuming you haven't ever been physically violent, you might want to gently suggest that she postpone any irreversible decision until you can talk in person.