no i have never been phisicaly abusive to her. but i did yell alot and use abusive language. i know its wrong but i still did it and i dont want to do it anymore. it is hard especially since i have to concentrate on not getting killed here or getting anyone else killed. this is just added stress that i dont want at all and would do anything about it. i talked to her and i told her that i was going to stop begging and crying when i called her because i dont want to annoy her. and that just because im not it doesnt mean that i gave up because i will never give up on us. and i asked her to please not make any drastic choices while im gone. what more can i do? anything will help? thank you

Ive made my mistakes. but being with my wife, the mother of my child, my highschool sweetheart is not one of them. I will not give up