Oh, in addition to His Needs, Her Needs, definitely also get LoveBusters. Maybe read LoveBusters first. They are both by the Harley's so you can find them on this site somewhere. I realize you may not get much down time but when you have it, try to read as much as you can. Also, talk to whatever military counselor you have out there.

It's good that you've promised to stop the crying and begging. Just be sure you stick to it. The idea is for you to become as attractive to her as possible, and right now the only way to do that is to always be pleasant to talk to when you're on the phone. And it's okay if you only talk about the baby at first, because the main thing is that you stay pleasant.

And I want to talk about the yelling and language for a bit. Many men don't realize that because of their size and because women know how vulnerable they are to violence by men, a man who is yelling at a woman (or especially a child) is much more frightening than he thinks he is. Add to that the fact that you are a marine. So be more aware of the effect you have. You've got to get a handle on this for not only your wife's sake, but your baby's also.

Until you can get into a good anger management program, there might be another book that could help, by a different author this time. It's called "How to Control Your Anger Before It Controls You" by Dr. Albert Ellis and Raymond Chip Tafrate. Amazon has it here:

Although I haven't read it myself, I'm familiar with Albert Ellis' Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy which says if you want to change your behavior or your emotions, you look at the harmful thoughts that are causing the emotion, and replace them with healthier (or as he says, rational) thoughts. Or in short, you learn how to gain some perspective.

In some cases, you can prevent yourself from becoming angry at all. Suppose someone cuts you off in traffic. If you think, "what a moron...I could have gotten killed!" well then obviously you will get angry. But if instead you thought, "well it would be nice if more people used their blinkers, but maybe it was a last minute decision, maybe the person doesn't know the area, and in any case I was able to slow down in time and everyone is okay" - then at worst you will be mildly annoyed but nothing more.