You should look in on your thread in MB 101. I wrote to you there. I pointed out that your wife is reacting to only having found out about your unfaithfulness AFTER she married you, and she is angry at that. If the unfaithfulness is not addressed she will have no incentive to continue this marriage with you.

It is a bad idea to have more than one thread open. Click the notify button and ask the moderator to combine your threads, and decide where you want to keep the single thread. Yours is a military marriage so it could stay here, but I still think you need the specialised post-infidelity advice that you would get on the Surviving an Affair forum. Decide which is the best place for you and then keep only ONE thread going.

Also, this is actually somebody else's thread, so you should not be posting your story and receiving advice on her thread anyway.

Married 1989
His PA 2003-2006
2 kids.