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Most physical abuse begins with verbal and emotional abuse and controlling tendencies. I can certainly understand why Cat would be concerned.

Soollee, most women who engage in Independent Behavior call their husbands "controlling" and "insecure." That is a classic response. Dr Harley nowhere calls this "abusive" and NOWHERE tells clients that "MB won't work" in these cases. [you are right about physical assault and addiction but that is not the case here]

This board is for the use and implementation of MARRIAGE BUILDERS and it is the height of arrogance and unhelpfulness to tell newcomers that "MB won't work."

We need to stick to what Marriage Builders really says and not redefine "abuse" to include anything and everything. That is not fair to newcomers and i suspect that it is not what the Harley's had in mind when they set up and paid for this board.

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