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Abuse is such a gray area, and the manipulating that can go on with emotional or verbal abuse, in the absence of physical abuse, can cause that person to lose so much self confidence that they become oppressed and/or depressed enough to stay until the situation does, indeed, become physical.

Soolee, its not a viable concern at all. The Marriage Builders program is set up for the PURPOSE of resolving lovebusters, ie: abusive strategies. Newcomers should not be told that MB doesn't work in those cases, because that is FALSE. That is the PURPOSE of Marriage Builders. That is what we are HERE FOR. catperson should not be telling newcomers that "MB doesnt work" because their husbands are 'controlling."

Now, if there is domestic assault or alcohol addiction going on, then other things have to happen first. But to lump "controlling" and "insecure" in the same bucket is nonsense and does not help newcomers. The Harleys pay alot of money to help these people and it is a grave disservice to run people off by classifying everything as "abuse" and telling newcomers that MB doesn't work. It most certainly DOES WORK.

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