Ok so what can we do for this gal?
There is not an affair to deal with, just a communication problem that hurts them. He is jealous for no apparent reason,(that he is telling her anyway), and she feels that she cannot breathe.

We can suppose and guess till the cows come home of why this is happening but they really need to embrace MB principals first. Once that is done the answers will come for both of them.

Spend some time reading the links here that Dr H has posted and you will see how wise the program is.
It can completly change your marriage and is a foundation for life.

Once you are sold and if you can get your husband involved you both will be able to see what you are doing wrong. Marriage is work. You wont find another person that marriage wont be work with them too.

You guys need to fall back in love again and this site is dedicated to that. It will take introspection on both parts and will enrich your life but you have to be willing to use the concepts.

Can one person start the ball rolling in the right direction? Thats what we in the forum are here for. To support people who want to fight for thier marriage.

Ok so have you read the links yet? Have you looked at what Dr H has to say about building the marriage?
I suggest you do that and please tell us what you think

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