Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV)
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

God speaking to Jeremiah approved of him as a chosen instrument, a prophet to speak to others. God had sanctified, or set apart Jeremiah. God was the creator of Jeremiah and God had established a purpose for him to speak to all nations so they might understand the true and living God.

Who do you let define you? Are you living for the purpose God created you for or have others defined you in some manner? I have known people who as a child that were told they were worthless. They lived in a dysfunctional family and it was how their grandparents taught their parents. These children lived with the stigma of feeling worthless until one day they realized that was not the truth. Unfortunately, some have never learned that truth. For God sees us as special and precious in his sight; to Him we are not worthless. I remember a friend telling me about a teacher who ridiculed him and made him feel stupid. He lived with that for many years. Yet I know him to be an intelligent person who has saved many lives. How precious is someone who devotes their life to saving others? My father was an abusive alcoholic whom my mom divorced when I was young. I never knew him, yet my mother had told me of his past. I thought of him as a horrible person who beat my mother and left his son. When I would get angry as a child my mother would say, �You remind me of your dad.� She was referring to my expressions of anger, but I took it to mean I was like my dad. Forty years later I meet a relative who knew my dad and he said the same words I had heard as a child, �You remind me of your dad.� Immediately I had horrific feelings overwhelm me. But then the relative went on to say, �You have a nose like he had.� My relative was talking about physical appearance and yet because of words I had let define me as a child I felt the fear of being like my father who had deserted me. We all need to look to God and let Him tell us who we are and what our purpose is. Seek answers from God and He will show you who you truly are.