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I hope to the Almighty God that no active duty people read this thread. They would be in despair.

I am at a loss as to how ignoring data would help them. I want them to be helped. Dr. Harley wants them to be helped. I don't think pretending that separated marriages can work out well when you don't know of a single separated marriage that has worked out well is a good way to help any body. I don't believe it would somehow fill them with optimism in such a way that it would cause their marriage to work out well as a result.

If it takes deciding not to reenlist to save a marriage, then I'd rather people do that and save their marriage. It's a question of values, and you're welcome to value things differently from me, but I value American marriages more than America's military. I would hate to think that other people's lives and marriages have to be torn up for my benefit.

Almighty God's military policy was friendly to marriage, including a provision for soldiers to meet the emotional needs of their brides, giving them an opportunity to go home before each and every battle. Perhaps America's policy is not compatible and needs to change.

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