Proverbs 13:10 (NLT)
10 Pride leads to conflict; those who take advice are wise.

Foolish pride can become the root of bitterness. Pride makes one impatient, envious, contentious, and hide from the truth. Pride has no humility and attempts to stand alone. Pride leads to revenge instead of forgiveness. But those who humble themselves to listen and act accordingly are the ones who gain wisdom.

Pride destroys relationships and keeps one from gaining the insight and wisdom of others. I have seen family members not speak to one another for years over a simple argument where both parties had too much pride to set aside a quarrel. Instead they allowed years to pass without speaking or trying to resolve the issue. If it is difficult for you to say, �I�m sorry� even when you are not wrong; that may be an indication you are harboring pride? Is it difficult for you to understand and accept the feelings of another even when you don�t agree with them; that may be another indication of pride? There is nothing wrong with telling someone you are sorry when their feelings have been hurt even if you don�t believe you were the cause. Just say, �I�m sorry and I understand how you feel.� You can leave it there knowing you might not agree or might not have been the cause of what they are feeling. It lets the other person at least know your pride is not holding you back from understanding them. Being right about facts does not win an argument, but letting loose of pride and being right about the feelings of another can end an argument. Be wise, listen, take advice, and keep humble. It will keep pride from separating you from others.