Matthew 26:41 (NLT)
41 Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!�

Jesus returns from praying about his eminent execution on the cross. He had asked the disciples to remain awake with him and to pray with him. But he returns and finds them sleeping. Jesus gives them a warning to keep watch and pray so they would not give into temptation. For while there is willingness to avoid temptation our earthly body is prone to sin and easily ready to give in. It is only through the power of God that we are able to resist temptation.

A survey of 3,000 U.S. adults identifies the differences and similarities between what men and women say tempts them the most:

Sex: Men (50 percent) Women (22 percent)
Food: Men (29 percent) Women (56 percent)
Money: Men (14 percent) Women (15 percent)
Alcohol: Men (7 percent) Women (2 percent)
Power: Men (2 percent) Women (7 percent)

It is interesting two things which are natural for people to partake in; sex and food, create the most temptation. As Jesus said the body is weak and we must fight against the temptations which attack us almost daily. Money was the one temptation that seemed to be almost equal among men and women. It is easy for people to covet what others have and also desire to gain it by different means. So my friend keep watch over the temptations that come toward you and pray God would give you a means of escape.