I don't think you should feign giddy romantic feelings, but I think it is possible to have the true giddy romantic feelings. I think that is what you should both be striving for. For me it comes and goes, and I know what I have to do to get those giddy feelings. One of my favorites is by talking over the phone with my wife late at night. We had a year long 500 mile distance realtaionship, and that is how we fell in love. It makes me feel giddy, I also enjoy planning something special with her for our date night. It makes me giddy with anticipation for that night to come.

I think DWG wishes you were giddy for her, and it triggers her. Why were you giddy for OW and not for me now? I expect she fears that if you are not giddy for her, that you might fall back into your old patterns.